"Sienna", 48"x51", Mixed media on paper

"The Liberation of Illumination", mixed media on panel, 50"x60"

Uncommon Ground, 84"x48"

"Electric Blooms", 60"x40", mixed media on panel

"Remembered Light", mixed media on panel, 60"x55"

"Pompeii", mixed media on paper", 52"x72"

Illuminaries Study 30"x22"

"Sorrento", 60"x48", mixed media on panel

"Rovello", 48"x36", mixed media on panel

"Don't Forget The Flowers II",60"x48", oil on paper

"When Stars Align I", 60"x40", oil on panel

"When Stars Align II", 60"x40", oil on panel

"Early Morning Light", 60"x48", oil on panel

"Firenze", 30"x22", mixed media and wax on paper

Garden Abounds (Grand)

Garden Abounds (Grand), 55"x78"

Uncommon Ground Study II, 30"x22"

Uncommon Ground Study III, 30"x22'

Uncommon Ground Study IV, 30"x22"